Chameleon Box


Safety box with downward flap opening, in sturdy deep black foil, ready for concealed assembly under tables, counters, cabinet doors, drawer units and shelves; or as a wall piece of furniture combined with CHAMELEON COVER.

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The body in sturdy iron sheet, 2mm thick, is cut, bent, drilled, tapped by high-tech machinery in order to have a very high-precision product, hand-welded at the corners by and painted in matt black with powder system and then fired, making the application ultra resistant.

To allow a “soft” opening, a shock absorber piston is installed inside, without internal pressure and therefore ultra-safe for our customers. The box is also equipped with two locks: the first is made of steel in all its components, including the scroll wheel and the stop (plastic free), which uses the click-clac pressure system, both for opening and for closing. The second is a lock with a key lock and a steel cylinder of 19 mm in diameter and a locking lever of 23mm x 10mm, the most robust in its segment. The key can be removed both when the box is closed and open.

Inside the package you will find:
Carpet corrugated sponge 20 mm thick
A neoprene pad 6mm thick
A handy container with 10 modular compartments to hold your valuables
4 adhesive caps to protect the holes and threads, in case you want to buy the Chameleon Cover in the future and turn the Chameleon Box into the Chameleon Tactica tactical shelf.

Watch it in action:

149 VAT included

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