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How were Chameleon products born?

Have you ever found yourself in the situation of having to hide something in the house, but not knowing where? I do, and from an aesthetic and structural point of view I have never found a satisfactory solution. I am also a sports firearm owner and living in a country where apartment burglaries occur, I found myself woken up in the night due to, fortunately, false alarms. In those excited moments, sleepy (to say the least), I sling towards my pants in search of the pocket in which I keep the key to open the safe, losing important seconds due to my slowed reflexes and with the risk that the possible criminal reach me, perhaps by being the first to come into possession of my weapon.

It is from these experiences that interest in the subject and in the search for a new product has sparked, the spark that led me to design the Chameleon Tactica first, an element that guaranteed to satisfy all my needs:
Being able to hide valuables, money and anything we consider of value, inside a product that thanks to the personalized choice of colors and essences is chameleonically hidden in the environment, as if it had been purchased together with the furniture itself. Installed as a replacement for the classic bedside tables, we transform the appearance of the room into a fine design furniture.
Quickness in getting into possession of the firearm only to the holder of the keys (for those who have a weapon, which can also be an airsoft one.

Soon after, to meet as many needs as possible, the Chameleon Box was born, designed to be installed in different strategic points such as shop counters, wardrobes, drawer units, desks, and the Chameleon Ghost, which allows you to have a cash drawer that can be hidden from the cover.

I am sure that among the products I have thought of, with the aim of safety for my family, for my home for my business, there is certainly also the one that’s right for you.
Hope you enjoy!

Franco Taglioli

I was born in Florence in 1971 but for many years I have lived in the province of Bologna, in San Benedetto Val di Sambro. I am married and father of two wonderful boys, my family’s protection and safety comes first. After years as an entrepreneur in the food distribution sector, I decided to quit that sector and try my hand at developing products of my own conception and to open my own company in San Marino.

Since 2019 Chameleon has been collaborating with the master of art Massimo Beretta who, thanks to his unmistakable style, has offered the design of the Chameleon tactical shelves a refined uniqueness.
The simple and essential lines of the minimal design were embellished with the artistic touch of Massimo Beretta who was also able to combine colors with great harmony, achieving masterful results.
Massimo Beretta has always been interested in motoring art, in particular in the automobile, and has been able to interpret this subject in a dreamlike-metaphysical and neo-futurist key.

Massimo Beretta, as an illustrator, has also collaborated with well-known automotive magazines and created playbills and posters for relevant events in the sector such as: “Mille Kilometer Dolomitica” (2004-2013), “Valore tricolore” (2011) and “Passione Engadina” ( 2013-2014).

His paintings can be admired in art galleries, automobile museums and international fairs dedicated to historic motoring. You can also contemplate him at work while he shows his own pictorial technique (oils, acrylics and watercolors) in sector contexts.

His works are recognized for the richness of details and for the emotions they transmit thanks to the suggestive interpretation of the subjects.

He paints on commission on various media and formats, it is not uncommon to see his original works, or limited edition canvas prints, in the studios or in the homes of pilots and enthusiasts.

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